A modern industry is increasingly geared towards conserving resources.

On the one hand, the efficient use of limited raw materials is of particular importance.

On the other hand, in environmental protection, it is important to limit emissions and to at least comply with the legal standards of the Technical Instructions for Clean Air (TA LUFT).

Our target is to find a solution for a compatible coexistence of economic efficiency and environmental protection.

Our consulting services are:

  • Verification of current situation (pollutants and limit values
  • Location-based feasibility study
  • Selection of a suitable technology / specification catalyst
  • Comparative analysis of exhaust gas treatment procedures (catalytic, thermal, regenerative)
  • Employee training for the ongoing operation of the installed exhaust air purification system
  • technical after-sales service
  • Troubleshooting

In cooperation with specialized companies, we provide the following services:

  • delivery of the catalyst
  • Recycling of used catalysts / adsorbents up to disposal
  • Exhaust air measurements for the determination of value-relevant substances as an orienting measurement