Henrikat GmbH was founded in 2018.

Our main fields of activity are both technical advice and scientific information services.

We develop customer-specific solutions in our business segment industrial off-gas treatment. This envelop solutions in catalytic and thermal applications, enrichment of hydrocarbons and solvent recovery. In addition to supporting existing installations, we focus on the further development and adaptation of these and new solutions to current and future legislation from the point of view of environmental protection, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Questions and suggestions from our customers are important parameters for further discussions in committees to give advices on feasible solutions.

As an expert in information services in the field of natural sciences, we offer consulting and specialist information services specialising in natural material products and their application in pharmacy. A special focus is on linking a wide range of existing analogue experience with the development of digital solutions.

Working with and on the customer, with partners, the work of the committee as well as individual further training enable us to deepen and expand the developed competences.

Responsibilities in off-gas treatment

For more than 30 years, we have been involved in management consulting in the field of exhaust air purification / solvent recovery (adsorptive processes) as well as in catalysis / environmental catalysis (total oxidation) for the reduction of VOC’s (volatile hydrocarbons), CO ( carbon monoxide) and ammonia on the way.

Responsibilities in information services

The creation of chemical-pharmaceutical databases with regard to reaction behaviour and pharmacokinetics as well as the evaluation of scientific publications was carried out for the applications SPRESI, ChemInform and projects of the Beilstein Institute and Infochimia GmbH. Particular attention is paid to the metabolism of the preparations used from the point of view of polypharmacy. Many years of experience in the application of naturopathic preparations coupled with high consulting expertise in practice round off the portfolio.