Evaluation of odour pollutants is different from measuring emissions. Lessening of life quality by odours depends on concentration of pollutants, of quality of odour (smells like …), intensity and hedonic (pleasant, neutral, unpleasant), circadian rhythm (daytime, seasonal) and the character of the affected region. Evaluation of odours requires a mixture of different applications like calculation of affected area, interviews of inhabitants, field inspections by specially trained test persons and olfactometry.

Before carrying out an immission assessment, it must be further checked whether the options available for reducing emissions corresponding to legal requirements have been exhausted.

Henrikat GmbH consults costumer by choosing suitable procedures for emission reduction and/or reduction of immissions. We can chose from thermic, thermic-catalytic, biological and/or physical technologies depending on chemical structure of odour components as well as on operating parameters of exhaust air system.